Killing Three Birds with One Stone. World Music Day at Bull McCabes.

By Roos Demol It had been on our mind for a long time. We wanted to do something special, something that at first glance looked simple and innocent, but carried a lot of importance. Norbert, at the same time, wanted to start collecting funds to keep up our work in partnership with the St Raphael … Continue reading Killing Three Birds with One Stone. World Music Day at Bull McCabes.

Bringing people together with music.

We celebrated world music and cultures of Cork, on the International Day of the African Child. The aim was to bring people together on this very important day of commemorating the horrible events in Soweto of 1976. We wanted to honour this day by bringing different communities and cultures together and to celebrate the beauty … Continue reading Bringing people together with music.

Refugees in Sub-Saharan countries and our plans to offer help.

Of the Sub Saharan hosting countries, Uganda (population of 41 million) has the most refugees (960,000). Rwanda, a small country in East Africa with a population of 11.9 million, hosted 172,000 refugees.  The top hosting countries are (according to numbers of refugees) Uganda, Ethiopia (791,600), DRC (459,650), Kenya (451,000) and Sudan (421,470)

Working together across borders

International Community Dynamics has not been sitting still. Over the last few months, we have continued with the music lessons, helped the start-up of the Cork Migrants Centre and supplied asylum seekers with clothes to stay warm in the cold Irish winter. But what we are most proud of is the successful Christmas project, in … Continue reading Working together across borders