International Community Dynamics has not been sitting still. Over the last few months, we have continued with the music lessons, helped the start-up of the Cork Migrants Centre and supplied asylum seekers with clothes to stay warm in the cold Irish winter.

But what we are most proud of is the successful Christmas project, in co-operation with the St Raphael scouts in Bujumbura, Burundi.

We raised some funds here in Ireland, and some funds came in from the USA too, the scouts in Bujumbura organised more fundraising there and together we collected enough to organise a Christmas party for the street children from Bujumbura.

Here is a video of the fundraiser in Ireland, where we came together to sing for Bujumbura’s street children. This was the final song, Imagine (John Lennon), with performers from Ireland, The Netherlands, Burundi, Nigeria, Belgium and The United Kingdom.



You will see in the slideshow that the day was successful. The children were collected by bus and brought to the scouts’ premises, where they were treated to some games, dances, wonderful food, and even a visit by Father Christmas.

Let’s keep working together and help each other wherever we may be in the world.

Here is the slideshow.



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